Alcoholics Anonymous includes over 2 million members that span over 120,000 groups in more than 175 countries.

When it comes to addiction treatment, Gateway Foundation Jacksonville provides clients with the help they need for lasting recovery. We understand that each of our clients comes to us with unique experiences and needs. Because of this uniqueness, we create individualized treatment plans for each client to ensure everyone under our care receives the help, support, and tools they need. If you believe you need our help to overcome your addiction, it’s time to learn more about Gateway Foundation Jacksonville.

Is Rehab Necessary?

For those struggling with an addiction, a professional rehab facility is crucial for recovery. During professional treatment, clients receive medical attention along with the care and support they need. They also learn coping mechanisms and problem-solving skills essential to preventing relapse later in life.

The Help You Need in Illinois

Gateway Foundation is a leader in Addiction Medicine and the recovery community. With over one million individuals finding recovery through our services, we are proud to be the largest not-for-profit drug and alcohol treatment group in America. With facilities throughout Illinois including our Jacksonville location, we are also pleased to be the largest provider in the state.

So what’s unique about Gateway Foundation Jacksonville? We are off Interstate 72 within central Illinois, just outside of the city limits. Since we aren’t in the heart of a major city, we can provide a calm environment that promotes healing and recovery.

Signs You Need Rehab

  • You can’t stop using drugs on your own
  • You’re struggling with a mental illness
  • Using your drug of choice is your only priority
  • Your health is failing

Our Programs and Therapies

Learning about Gateway Foundation Jacksonville through our available programs and therapies will give you the best overview of how we operate. The goal of our services is to set each of our clients up for a successful recovery journey. At Gateway Foundation Jacksonville, we provide the following addiction treatment programs:

  • Residential
  • Intensive Outpatient
  • Partial Hospitalization
  • Outpatient
  • Sober Living
  • Recovery Community

By providing multiple levels of care, we can see our clients through to the end of their journeys. A full continuum of care also helps reduce the chances of relapse after treatment.

In addition, we provide each client with their own treatment plan to avoid wasting time with unnecessary or ineffective therapies. However, we offer a wide range of therapies to guarantee everyone receives the support they need. Our therapies include:

Benefits of Rehab

1 Constant support throughout your recovery journey

2 Structure and routine that helps with relapse prevention

3 Supervision from professionals to avoid relapse during treatment

4 A range of therapy options

5 Growing your support system


Cognitive Behavioral Therapy focuses on changing negative thought or behavioral patterns. Sessions usually teach problem-solving skills along with coping mechanisms to alter these patterns.


Dialectical Behavioral Therapy is an evidence-based therapy that uses both group and individual therapy sessions to teach new skills and strategies for problem-solving.

Trauma Therapy

Many addictions stem from a traumatic experience. This therapy helps people to work through the trauma in a healthy way instead of using substance abuse as a coping mechanism.

Group Therapy

Group Therapy allows patients to interact with one another as they discuss addiction, coping skills, and life after treatment. Peers can build friendships while also using each other’s experiences to build on their own learning.

Family Therapy

Addiction can cause major breaks in essential family relationships. Family Therapy helps to rebuild the bonds among family members while teaching them how to move forward.

According to SAMHSA, about 8 million individuals struggle with both a mental illness and a substance use disorder.

Learn More About Gateway Foundation Jacksonville

The addiction treatment staff at our Jacksonville location is ready to help you break the cycle of addiction and put you on the path toward a better tomorrow. To learn more about Gateway Foundation Jacksonville and how we can help, reach out now. Call us today at 217.243.8849 to take your first step on your new journey.

“I was in residential treatment at Gateway Jacksonville, now I’ve transitioned into the recovery home. The facility is top of the line, and the staff members are out of this world, they go the extra mile each and every day. I’m truly grateful for the program, and this chance at life again..”

Timothy C.
Learn how rehab can change your life for the better. Contact Gateway Foundation Jacksonville today to start your journey.