According to the Centers for Disease Control, over 100 people die daily due to drugs, with over 6,000 visiting emergency rooms due to use.

When you begin to notice a change in your loved one, it can be difficult to admit to yourself that there’s a problem. No one wants to believe that their loved one has fallen victim to addiction. However, when you begin to suspect an addiction, it’s vital to find addiction treatment programs for your loved one. These programs can help get them back on the right track to living a healthy and safe life.

Signs and Symptoms of Addiction

Many of us will admit to turning a blind eye when we notice a change in our loved one. It’s easier and less painful to continue believing nothing is wrong rather than facing addiction head on. However, if you have any hope of helping your friend or family member, you need to recognize the signs of addiction right away. Once you identify the problem of addiction, you can begin searching for addiction treatment programs that can best help your loved one.

There is a multitude of signs and symptoms to look out for when you suspect an addiction. While one or two of these symptoms can be harmless, seeing a number of these signs occurring at the same time and frequently should raise some red flags. Signs and symptoms can include the following:

  • Sudden changes in sleep patterns
  • Shifting moods
  • Excessive weight gain or weight loss
  • Sudden loss of money
  • Change in friends
  • Reclusive and secretive behavior

Along with these actions, your loved one may quickly become a person you no longer recognize. You no longer know their whereabouts or who they choose to spend their time with. They might also begin skipping out on school, work, or other obligations they once took seriously. If you start to notice strange or sudden changes, it’s time to seek help.

How to Determine Rehab Success

While there is no concrete definition to the success of facilities, there are components individuals look at. Rates of completion, sobriety rates after treatment, and interviews with current and past clients can help give potential clients an idea of the success of the rehab center.

Why Consider Addiction Treatment Programs

For many, the first instinct once you identify the problem is to help your loved one on your own. As badly as you want to help, you don’t have the skills and training that a professional will have. Finding addiction treatment programs through a reputable rehab facility means getting your loved one into a safe and healing environment. Here, they can build a sturdy foundation for their recovery that you wouldn’t be able to provide. The job of family and friends is to be supportive and understanding of their recovery journey.

What To Consider When Choosing a Rehab

  • Specific programs for your needs
  • Round the clock care
  • Customizable treatment plans
  • Supplemental se4rvices
Questions to Ask Your Rehab

1 Where are you located?

2 What type of insurance do you accept?

3 What are your available amenities?

4 Do you offer a range of programs?

5 How long is your program?

Beginning Treatment at Gateway Foundation Jacksonville

Gateway Foundation Jacksonville provides the resources, addiction treatment programs, and necessary therapies that those who struggle with addiction need. Our addiction treatment staff has a vast understanding and educational background about addiction and how to help those stuck in the cycle of this disease.

Our programs include the following:

We also provide numerous therapy options that include Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Group Therapy, and Family Therapy. To learn more about our facility and available addiction treatment programs, reach out to Gateway Foundation Jacksonville today at 217.243.8849.

A survey conducted by SAMHSA found that 90% of those in need of rehab don’t receive help.

“It is a wonderful place. The staff is very caring. I really want to say thank you to all staff for the time and effort that they put in to helping me. They are good hearted and caring people. Thank you.”

Tyrone W.
You deserve the proper help to beat addiction. Contact Gateway Foundation Jacksonville today to learn about your options.