While most would believe that entering treatment is the hardest step towards recovery, the truth remains that leaving treatment is the most difficult. For months, and often years, you struggle with addiction and have grown accustomed to a life stuck in the cycle. Then, you spend substantial time within the walls of a treatment center. Once you reach the point of being back on your own, it can feel overwhelming and impossible. An addiction Recovery Community can provide you with the support you need to stay in recovery and avoid falling victim to relapse.

The Importance of Continuous Support

group of friends in an addiction Recovery CommunityYour journey towards lasting recovery should never happen alone. However, many individuals experience isolation once they return home from treatment. While they may find themselves around their friends and family, there’s usually a disconnect. Your loved ones want to help you, but they don’t understand what you’ve gone through. This loneliness can lead to relapse after treatment. To avoid this from happening, turn to your addiction Recovery Community. Your peers in recovery have an understanding of your thoughts, feelings, and experiences that your loved ones lack.

Isolation can also stem from no longer having friends. Many who struggle with addiction find themselves without a large group of friends once they remove those who encourage or trigger their drug use. This type of isolation can lead to depression, which can also trigger a relapse.

Having a strong support system within your addiction Recovery Community can help you stay on the straight and narrow road of recovery. When you begin to falter or find life becoming difficult, you have a group of friends who understand you and can help you.

Discover Your Role in the Addiction Recovery Community

Along with isolation, many clients find themselves walking aimlessly through life after recovery. Because addiction controls their lives, they don’t know what to do or who they are once they become sober. Becoming involved in your addiction Recovery Community can provide you with a sense of purpose after treatment.

Gateway Foundation Jacksonville hosts numerous events and activities for our alumni. Consider the following to help find your purpose within the addiction Recovery Community:

  • Mentor new clients entering treatment
  • Volunteer to work an event
  • Help plan and run an event
  • Volunteer your time at other helpful organizations
  • Attend meetings within the community
  • Host events for members of the community

The Help You Need is at Gateway Foundation Jacksonville

At Gateway Foundation Jacksonville, we provide a wide range of programs and therapies to help our clients find recovery. From Men’s Residential Treatment to our addiction Recovery Community for our alums, our patients can receive the essential full continuum of care from our facility. To get involved with the community, or to learn more about Gateway Foundation Jacksonville, reach out today. Call our addiction treatment staff now at 217.243.8849.