For individuals working through a Residential Treatment program, heading straight home after treatment isn’t always ideal. After spending time away from the circumstances that began the addiction, heading right back to the same environment can be detrimental to recovery. Instead, patients should ease their way back into day-to-day life by spending time in a Recovery Home through Gateway Foundation Jacksonville. By participating in a sober living home as part of their addiction treatment program, individuals can better prepare themselves to reenter society.

Why Spend Time in a Recovery Home?

man staying at his Recovery Home through a sober living home program A number of benefits can come from patients entering a Recovery Home before returning home after treatment. One of the major benefits is the patient increasing their chance of experiencing a successful outcome. The longer an individual remains in treatment, the greater their chances of achieving recovery that lasts. When patients jump directly from 24/7 treatment to their regular life, they run the risk of falling back into old habits.

A Recovery Home also provides patients with a safe environment to begin the transition process out of treatment. In this environment, individuals still experience structure similar to treatment, but in an everyday setting. This can help them keep the same structure once they return to their home. They also have the support of their peers which helps with the recovery journey.

What to Expect from a Sober Living Home

When an individual enters a sober living home through Gateway Foundation Jacksonville, they can expect coordinated activities and responsibilities. Patients tend to start their day at 7 a.m with breakfast and other duties. Their day will then end at 10 p.m with a 12-step meeting. Daily house meetings also occur where individuals can discuss their goals and make any announcements. While residing in the Recovery Home, patients are expected to plan their next steps. Their case manager can assist with seeking employment, schooling or finding permanent housing.

By keeping a tight schedule, patients are less likely to think about cravings or stress about returning home. Patients are also more likely to carry such a schedule over to their daily lives once they leave the Recovery Home.

Help for Addiction at Gateway Foundation Jacksonville

Gateway Foundation Jacksonville is proud to be a leading provider of rehab and treatment to the state of Illinois. Through the treatment programs and therapies available, patients can have their best chance of achieving recovery.

The treatment programs available at Gateway Foundation Jacksonville include:

To learn more about our sober living home, contact Gateway Foundation Jacksonville today at 217.243.8849. Our staff looks forward to helping you take the next step in your treatment.